Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
MISS MADEL Affiliate Program

The affiliate program at Madel Design & Venture (“the company”) provides a website (“affiliate”) the opportunity to introduce its website traffic to MISS MADEL. In exchange for driving traffic to the MISS MADEL's website (, affiliates receive a percentage of sales for customers who link to from the affiliate’s website and make purchases.

Terms and Conditions

Commissions paid are calculated based on a percentage of final sales. Commissions are paid to the affiliate based on the terms and conditions as set forth by the company. No other relationship or partnership is formed between the company and the affiliate other than as set forth in these terms and conditions. Affiliate Program terms and conditions are subject to change by the company without prior notice to affiliates.

Affiliates participate in the Affiliate program at the discretion of the company, who reserves the right to terminate affiliates at any time. Payment will be made for any sales attributed to the affiliate at the time of termination, as per the terms and conditions for affiliate payment should termination occur.

The company relies on an automated system to sign up affiliates and bases all payments on that system (“the system”). Commissions are paid based on the agreed upon 10% commission rate which is entered into the system. Commissions are paid for final sales made on and are based on the sales amount, excluding any applicable tax, duty, shipping, return, coupon or discount. If an order is refunded, for any reason, the commission on that sale will be charged back to the affiliate. Commissions are paid solely based on the calculations of the system utilized by the company and at the sole discretion of MISS MADEL. The company does not agree to subject the system to review by outside parties, including affiliates.

Payments to affiliates are made on a monthly basis, every 30 days. Company reserves the right to hold affiliate payments for a 30 day period in order to account for returns, and collection and processing of payments from customers, etc.

The company, as a matter of policy, does not share the names, emails, or other information of customers.